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    The Schengen visa (C-type visa valid in Schengen states) entitles the holder to stay in the territory of all Schengen states for not more than 90 days within the period of 180 days. Short-stay visas are issued for travellers going to Poland (and other Schengen countries) for purposes such as tourism, visit family or friends, business trips, economic or cultural activities, international conferences, sport events and transit.




    If you intend to stay in the territory of Poland for a total of more than 90 days during one or more visits, you need to apply for a national D-type visa, which is valid up to 1 year.


    The national D-type visa entitles the holder to:
    - stay in the territory of Poland throughout the period of its validity;
    - additionally move within the territory of other Schengen states for up to three months within a half-year period.



    If you intend to travel by air from a third state to another third state with a stopover at an airport in the Schengen area (in the territory of the Republic of Poland) and also:
    (1) you do not intend to leave the international transit area of the airport and
    (2) you hold the citizenship of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Democratic Republic of Congo, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Ghana, Iran, Iraq, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sudan or Sri Lanka,
    - you need to apply for an A-type airport transit visa.


    When planning transit through an airport situated in a Schengen state other than Poland, we advise you to directly contact a consulate of the country concerned for visa information.


    The A-type airport transit visa only entitles the holder to stay in the international transit area of the airport (it does not entitle the holder to enter Schengen territory or leave the transit area of the airport).


    How long can I spend in the territory of Poland/Schengen with a C- or D-type visa?

    The duration of stay for foreign nationals in Poland (holders of national D-type visas) or in Schengen territory (holders of unified C-type visas) is indicated in the visa (“duration of stay” expressed in numbers); a stay of this kind is only possible during the validity of the visa (“visa valid from….to….”).


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