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    If the EU citizen will lose his passport during his stay in the Republic of Korea, he is able to report this issue to the representative diplomatic consul of the member state of the European Union – in order to receive Emergency Travel Document.


    This document can be issued only for a single fare in order for individual to return to his homeland or return to any other member state of the European Union. Emergency Travel Document is issued from the hands of the authorized country, which the requesting party is a citizen of.


    It is recommended to get in touch with the consul of the certain country, in which the consul is serving his duty, and in which the requesting party is currently residing (even if, the residence of the consul is located in other country),  by telephone (or via e-mail) – in order to find out what kind of requirements individual needs to fulfill in order to receive for a mentioned document (Warning: Honorary Consul does not deal with issues in that particular category). Consul will provide the inquirer with practical advices and suggestions regarding the application procedure for the Emergency Travel Document.


    It is also vital to acquire information concerning the departing procedure from one’s current temporary residence on the basis on aforementioned certificate (without regard for, whether the entrance to this country was on the basis on visa entry, or visa-free entry) and all information regarding one’s stay in the transit zone during the onward journey.


    In case of lack of sufficient knowledge in that field – please contact consul to obtain relevant information. 


    (Attention: You should pay special attention to your return itinerary, as the Emergency Travel Document is only issued for a single journey in order for individual to return to the Member State of the European Union).


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