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    Biometric passport can be obtained only by an individual, who possess a PESEL number. In its absence, the consul may request PESEL number on the basis of Polish birth certificate.


    In case of lack of aforementioned document, it is possible to register the Korean birth certificate via Embassy (the only document issued for the foreign parents is the certificate from the hospital about the birth).


    It is worth to check the correct spelling of all the names of the baby, as well as spelling of both parents names and make sure that both parents names are located on the certificate.


    Such documentation in Korean (or English), before being translated to English or Polish, should be accompanied by apostille issued by the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


    Parents, who one of them is a Korean national, should provide a statement of family relations containing the registered child. This paper should also bear the apostille stamp and should be translated into English or Polish. 

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