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  • 29 March 2019

    “Poland will continue to support efforts to secure peace on the Korean Peninsula, also in the framework of international organisations,” declared the deputy chief of Polish diplomacy during his meeting with South Korean Vice Minister of Unification Chun Hae-Sung.

    The purpose of Deputy Minister Lang’s visit to the Republic of Korea – one of Poland’s three strategic partners in Asia – was to hold talks on the current security situation on the Korean Peninsula in the context of the ongoing US-North Korea negotiations, as well to discuss the development of inter-Korean cooperation.


    During his visit, the Polish deputy foreign minister also met with Deputy Foreign Minister Yoon Soon-gu, South Korean President’s Secretary for Foreign Policy Park Chul-min and the Vice-President of Korea Industrial Technology Association. They talked about prospects for securing lasting peace in this region of the world, and about Poland’s engagement in the Korean Peninsula. Closer political and economic cooperation between Poland and the Republic of Korea was also discussed during the talks.


    The deputy head of Polish MFA also visited the Demilitarized Zone and met with soldiers serving as part of the Neutral Nations Supervisory Commission in Korea, of which Poland has been a member since 1953.


    MFA Press Office

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