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  • 14 June 2019

    International cybersecurity aspects were discussed during the first round of consultations between Poland and the Republic of Korea in Warsaw on 13 June. The South Korean delegation was headed by Gunn Kim, Ambassador for International Security Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of South Korea. The Polish delegation was represented by Ambassador Marek Szczygieł, coordinator for international aspects of cybersecurity at the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    During the meeting, the two sides discussed issues relating to international cooperation to ensure stability in cyberspace, including the implementation of norms of responsible state behaviour in cyberspace, the application of international law and confidence building measures in the regional dimension. The interlocutors agreed that in order to preserve a free, open, stable and secure internet, the international community has to step up its efforts in fighting harmful activities in cyberspace. The two delegations also discussed possibilities of enhancing practical cooperation between Poland and the Republic of Korea in exchanging information about cyber threats and fighting cybercrime. 


    Both countries expressed their support for processes initiated this year in the UN as part of the United Nations Group of Government Experts (UN GGE) and the Open-Ended Working Group. The dialogue they are conducting should contribute to strengthening international consensus about the adopted norms of state behaviour in cyberspace.

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